Mango Needs a Place to Call Home



Mango is enjoying his foster hope! He is so happy to be indoors btu is still looking for his forever home! Here he is enjoying a cat nip nap:


Thanks to Jude for all these wonderful pictures and the story of Mango as written below.

Mango's story is from one of VOKRA's fantastic volunteers, Jude,
who is tirelessly helping save kitties from neglect, injury and starvation.

Now, with the help of VOKRA and our
supporter's donations, Mango will be well taken care of and found a forever home.

Now, Mango's story:

It looks like I've got another cat. At least Mango thinks so! He was a neglected barn cat with dry food and water put outside for him. I was told one time he almost died but wasn't been taken to the vet for any treatment!!

One of his eyes that weeps and looks a bit swollen. No evidence of fleas but he likely has worms since he hunts. In the thinly furred area below each ear, the skin is scarred and often raw, with bits of blood dried from his scratching. That and very dirty ears probably means he has ear mites. He's just starting to let me pick him up so I'd like to treat the mites myself. I hope he'll let me pill him for worms he'll have.

Previously, he'd show up a few times a week and I'd always feed him. Now though, when I get up, he's waiting for me EVERY morning. I've put out a box with a furry pad in it well under the eaves for him to sleep. He's happy to use it when it's raining or wet and cold. But on nice days, he prefers sleeping in a sunny spot even if the grass is still wet. He gets fed three times a day with both canned and dry food. I also give him some milk mixed with water and the juice from his canned food. (Not all cats are lactose-intolerant and he isn't.)

I know he looks rough and scruffy but that exterior hides a sweet friendly boy. He's always happy for some love and attention and purrs loudly when I'm out with him. Poor sweet boy. If anyone has a pet, why don't they care for it?? He really craves attention and love I give him. I want to make his life happier than it's been.

After his tummy was filled this time, he moved to a sunny spot and started washing, obviously content.


It looks like he was winking at me here. :-)


While I sat outside, Mango joined me, rolling from side to side, happily purring.

Here is Mango, safe and warm, getting the medical treatment he needs.


Please consider fostering or donating to VOKRA to help us help cats like Mango.

VOKRA is a non-profit, no kill rescue that is 100% volunteer run. 100% of your donation goes to the rescue of kittens and cats in the GVA.

Posted by Grino on May 13, 2013 @ 12:00 PM

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