Walking Your Cat


Walking Your Cat

VOKRA supports keeping your cat indoors only! There are too many dangers outside. After all, would you let your dog wander around the city all night on its own, alone? Then why do the same with your cat?

Being an indoor only cat ensures a long, healthy life for your beloved pet and less visits to the vet. The GVA has a very active urban coyote population that is known to prey on household pets. This, among many other things -cars, human abuse, getting lost- are good reasons to keep your cat(s) indoors and/or supervised at all times.

An indoor only life can still be very enriching. Make sure your cat(s) have a perch to view the outdoors. Hang a bird feeder nearby that they can watch, create an outdoor cat enclosure, enclose a balcony and learn to walk your cat on a lead!

So, what does walking a cat on a lead look like? Check out these great videos made by a VOKRA Foster:

Posted by Grino on June 5, 2013 @ 12:00 PM

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