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***Please be advised, these are graphic pictures***

VOKRA volunteers encounter so many different situations when rescuing kittens and cats in the GVA. They just never know what to expect - folks grateful for the help, or refusing VOKRA help, 20 cats instead of 3 to be trapped, a skunk living under a porch instead of kitten. Just the other day, one of our trappers showed up to a home to help, just to encounter a swat team at that very home! No, not for her!

Below is pictured Meiho: a friendly stray caught just in time in the GVA. He had a horrible abscess under his chin that would have surely killed him if not treated by our fantastic vets at Killarney Animal Hospital

See his lovely before and after pics below. Do not worry! He is happy and healthy and recovering from surgery now.

All the kittens and cats VOKRA rescues rely on your donations. Meiho's vet costs will be huge, ranging in the high hundreds area. 100% of your donations go to the cats. See our 2012 Financials here.

Please donate, even a few dollars does help us!

Also, find out ways to donate for *free* to VOKRA.

There are many - gift cards, Canadian Tire money, click here for more options.

Meiho is now much happier and healthy!!

Posted by Grino on July 28, 2013 @ 12:00 PM

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