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Follow along as these two sisters, Ruby and Sapphire, give birth and them and their kittens find forever homes to stop the endless cycle of homeless kittens and cats (of course, each one will be spayed and neutered too!) These two kitties are such a bonded pair. They eat, sleep, snuggle together all the time. And get pregnant at the same time too! They share a very special bond.

Here is their story as told by one of our very dedicated fosters, Donna Maria B. Subscribe to her YouTube channel to follow the sister's story:

So Mickey [VOKRA Foster Cordinator] calls me and says, "Are you up for a challenge?" Hmmm... about 10 emails later I have picked up twin calico sisters who are both pregnant and who fit very neatly in my Kitty Nursery.

This is Ruby and Sapphire, who are Twin Sisters and who are both PREGNANT. Ruby is due any day now, then Sapphire in a week or so. Here they are in the car on their way from Abbotsford to their new foster home in Squamish. It is here that they will live and be deeply loved and cared for by myself while they have their kittens. They will nurse and care for their kittens until they are weaned and are fully litter trained which takes about eight weeks. At that time they will be transferred to Vancouver where the will be placed with other VOKRA fosters that will help meticulously find and match them to "Forever Homes."

Since Sapphire and Ruby are bonded from their birth they will be kept together.

Two gems in my back seat and I have named them Ruby and Sapphire.
Click on the picture to watch the video!

Still waiting.... Look at this belly!
Click on the picture to watch a video.

We have babies!!

It's too hot to wear a coat!!!!! This is "Uno," Ruby's firstborn, 2 days old.
It was 32 degrees today in Squamish.

These kitties are healthy and happy and loving the cooler weather!
Here they are at 3 days old!
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Here is a video summarizing the whole event.
Click on the picture to watch the video.
These sisters are incredible, comforting one another and helping with labour.
****Warning! It is birth so it is graphic and educational:

We are still waiting for Sapphire to give birth to her kittens.

And then she Finally did! Click here to watch a video.

Please consider fostering for VOKRA!

Posted by Grino on July 18, 2013 @ 12:00 PM

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