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VOKRA continuously gets calls about folks in desperation because their cat is about to die after being exposed to a flea product, like Hartz, that they bought at a store and applied to their cat thinking it was safe. After all, this products says it is for cats. How on earth could something that would potentially kill a pet be allowed to be sold? Truth is, these products contain ingredients that are toxic to cats and dogs and kill pets on a regular basis, and VOKRA hears about it all the time.

When your cat or dog has fleas, go to your vet and get the proper medication! Spending the extra cash will save your pets life.

Here is a great blog below explaining in greater detail about these deadly products, what you can do to help.

I encourage you to read the comments under the original article to get a feel for what these products really do. It is a sad, sad story that needs to be heard.

Bad News for Hartz = Good News for Pets

August 19, 2009 at 1:02 am

Mad Cat

More bad press for the companies peddling pet poison!

Over the years, ConsumerAffairs.com, which specializes in collecting and investigating consumer complaints, has amassed enough complaints about Hartz, Sergeant’s, and Sentry flea and tick products to fill the Grand Canyon. And recently, they put together a thoroughly researched and well written article that you should read, re-read, send to your friends, your vet, your pet groomer, your dog walker, your pet sitter, your Aunt Mary, and everyone else you know.

The piece describes the atrocities committed by Hartz et al, who make and sell products that they know are unsafe. It also discusses the failure of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to remove these products from shelves, despite receiving thousands upon thousands of reports of adverse reaction and death in animals treated with the products.

Posted by Grino on July 31, 2013 @ 12:00 PM

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