Kitten Fight!


The Kitten Fight! players are:

Rita (grey & white kitten, opening sequence)
Violet (tuxedo kitten, opening sequence)
Vincent (entering tuxedo kitten, middle sequence)
Kelly (unsuspecting tortoiseshell kitten, intermission sequence)
Betty Boop (hopping tuxedo kitten, intermission sequence)

(all up for adoption)

Neither the Kitten Fight! players nor their management (re: mums) condone the use of real violence in any situation, except maybe getting a good spot at the food dish (hey, you live and eat with a family of 10 and see how easy it is to miss out on your rightful nom noms!)

The music is Fluffing A Duck by Kevin Macleod

Posted by Grino on October 14, 2013 @ 12:00 PM

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