VOKRA's 1000th Cat Adopted out in 2013 - Introducing Mellow Yellow


Mellow Yellow is our 1000th cat adopted out this year!

This week we adopted out our 1000th cat of 2013, just in time to find "Mellow Yellow" a new home for Thanksgiving.

Mellow Yellow was living on the streets of Vancouver throughout the winter of 2012-2013. He went from being a high-strung street cat to a relaxed companion through the care of a loving foster home and was adopted 10 months later. "When I trapped Mellow Yellow in January he had the typical startled response of a tame cat forced to live outside" says Maria Soroski. Mellow Yellow was living near Knight street and Kingsway, being fed by a resident who was happy to see the orange tabby rescued.

The temperatures regularly dipped near and below freezing overnight during Mellow Yellow's time outside, and he is very lucky to have at least had someone to feed him. "Mellow Yellow didn't really live up to his name when he arrived" says his foster, Leah Weiner. Since being homeless and living outside in the winter, Mellow Yellow would be quick to agitate, which is common for tame cats who have been abandoned. He would sometimes bite and scratch, without warning.

"A previous foster was afraid of him," recalls Weiner, "and at first I was too!"

Weiner was up for the challenge of helping Mellow Yellow to trust people again, so over the next few months she engaged in careful play therapy with him" He eventually got the hang of it," says Weiner, "now he wants to be everybody's best friend, and greets guests by the door." "It was tough to choose from all the sweet cats," says adopter, Laurie Buckley, "but this little guy showed so much personality in his photos we just had to meet him."

Buckley adopted Mellow Yellow after going through photos and bios of cats on the VOKRA website, then meeting him at his foster's home.

As the 1000th adoption this year, Mellow Yellow is a perfect example of hundreds of VOKRA kitties who have been rescued from the streets, cared for in a foster home, and adopted into a happy family. "Sometimes we call him 'Mr. Yellow' because he's such a gentleman!" We hope he gets turkey as a special treat for his first Thanksgiving in his new home.

Posted by alannah on October 13, 2013 @ 12:00 AM

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