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I was born on the streets of Prince Rupert with my three brothers, Mr. A, Mr. B and Mr. C.

A kind lady rescued us before winter last year and the kind VOKRA flew us to the big city.

I was teamed up with Mr. A and Mr. B & Mr. C teamed up together - each of us with lovely kind foster humans.

My father was white and strong. But my brothers' father was orange, weak and not too healthy. My three brothers inherited their father's traits.

Mr. A and I were adopted to a warm home on Christmas. We loved our home and ran around for months, until Mr. A got really sick and passed on (Read Sad Thursday).

I loved Mr. A so much, but I am a wise catsess and let his spirit go in peace while I went on happily with my life, toys, and humans.

My human likes the No. 1 Ladies Detective stories and I think he likes to play detective. In one of his detective games, he found out that Mr. C passed on the same time as Mr. A, but Mr. B was alive and still in foster home.

"You are coming to live with your sister", said my human and Mr. B came to live with us at the beginning of Fall.

I took to Mr. B from the first night. I kept him awake running after him, licking him and talking to him the same way I talked to Mr. A.

Slowly he warmed up to me. He was not very playful, but loved hanging out with me to keep his weak body warm.

Mr. B loved the heat. It may have been his weak body but anytime you lost him, he would be next to a heater... or the fire place.

Wherever Mr. B would be, he would run to the fire place at the sound of crackling wood.

While Mr. B was not the most playful, I did not hold it against him.

You see, he was the intellectual type who hung around the human's desk and loved playing with pens and typing on the computer.

I tried to teach him to be a snob, but he loved humans;
always the center of social gatherings.

Everyone loved Mr. B. He was warm, talkative, purring and loved me cleaning him, specially as he got sick.

Yes, Mr. B got weaker I cuddled him till the last minute - he joined his brothers on November 29.

My humans were sad, but I, the wise catsess, reminded them of all the fun Mr. B had in his last months with us.

He had all the good food he wanted, he was cuddled constantly and he had few visits to le jardin which he loved.

My three brothers, I will remember you all and think of you, but I am focusing on keeping myself healthy to look after our human.

Rest in peace my three orange brothers.

Mr. A

Mr. B

Mr. C

Posted by Grino on January 3, 2014 @ 12:00 AM

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