Marz 2019

7 Months Old

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Marz has an inextinguishable flame for life! She had a rough start in life, but she doesn’t let that slow her down. She enjoys nothing more than hearing the sound of her name. She'll reply with a cute rumble and sprint towards you, performing an ultimate burnout for a chance to get a scratch or a hug. Her day is spent tirelessly chasing down her humans, and making a point to snuggle right in their lap or arms. She's overall a very quiet kitten, other than her soft gentle purrs and chirps when she’s professing her love.

Marz has a very mild version of cerebellar hypoplasia. She is in every other way the same as any other cat, including health and life expectancy, with the only difference being the way her brain processes movement. She will very rarely be wobbly, otherwise she runs, jumps, climbs, and plays normally like any kitten would. It's even hard to tell she’s any different at all until pointed out.

Stairs are one of Marz's favorites, and she'll bounce up and down them quickly to catch her humans. Her condition makes her perfectly well mannered as she's usually not able to jump high to reach the counters or tables. Beware though, she will find a way into the bed, and she will be there to stay for the night! That said, she would appreciate a home with no super high ledges that she could accidentally fall off of. She appreciates having her face brushed with a toothbrush every couple days. Come meet her at your own risk: she is a thief for everyone’s hearts! See videos of Marz here: video 1, video 2.

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