Miss Sally...

7 Years Old

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Alanah has made so much progress since coming to her foster home.  Shy at first, she now she greets strangers, plays whenever she has the chance, and loves to lounge around the rooms of the apartment while observing our habits, as if she owns the place.  Her transformation has occurred steadily, and has been so heartwarming to see.

Alanah and her sister Moon were rescued by VOKRA, both pregnant from a young age, and had to toughen up pretty quickly.  Though they were slow to become friends, they now play with each other multiple times a day and love to eat off of the same plate.  Sometimes we even catch them grooming each other.  They finally have the chance to learn how to play and love in a safe, caring environment.  They are quite different, but one thing they do have in common is how much they appreciate having one-on-one affection and love.

My favourite characteristic of Alanah is our morning routine. She loves to sleep with me in my bed. When I wake up and she is not already dozing off near my feet, then all i have to do is go "meow, meow". I then hear a clumsy "thump" from the living room and within seconds she is happily prancing onto my bed for our morning snuggles and purrs.  We are very good friends, and spend lots of time together when I am home. She is very appreciative of our love, patience and understanding.  She is not the kind of cat who prefers solitude- she wants to be around you and love you.

Alanah is not a high maintenance kitty.  She loves to play with yarn and lasers and toys, but only needs a little amount of play time during the day.  She is a very polite bed buddy and never wakes me up even though she sleeps with me pretty much every night.  She loves her scratching post, and never touches the furniture for her scratching needs.  Because she has a timid temperament, you only need to warn her a few times about the rules before she adheres to them.

Alanah needs a quiet home with low key people who are willing to let her come out of her shell and adjust at her own pace.  No young children, dogs, or other cats.


Miss Sally Sassafrass (was Alanah)'s adopted!

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