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5 Years Old

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Napoleon is a loving and quiet cat who wants nothing more than to be close to you. Come home and he runs to greet you, purring with anticipation as he strategically places himself within arm's reach. Scratching his neck will cause him to melt on the spot, and his tail even quivers with excitement. He will chase down the feather wand and toy mice, but above all else he just wants to quietly relax next to you.

Napoleon loves attention from his humans, and will ask with a little mew to be picked up. He enjoys being cuddled, and will purr loudly when held. It's very easy to understand how he's feeling if you listen to his tone. At times, he can become irritated and it's best to put him in the bathroom for a couple minutes so he regain control of his emotions. He knows when you need space, he just asks for a little understanding in return from time to time.

Itkovian (was Napoleon) 2019 Alumnus's adopted!

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