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7 Years Old

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Aqua was a very stressed mama cat when she came to my house. She pretty much growled at everyone and was very unhappy. She did however take good care of her rather large litter but weaned them quickly. Slowly, she has come around, learned to trust her caregivers and seeks company. She now purrs and rubs up against my legs and is content to be picked up and cuddled. I believe that her previous life was not abusive as she exhibits these sociable tendancies, but she is very strong willed and makes her demands known...either vocally or physically. I believe that she would do well in a small household where she would be the center of attention and one that doesn't have children or other pets. After nursing six kittens, she is still quite thin but eats well and in filling out and uses her litter box diligently. As her name implies....she has the most beautiful large two toned aqua eyes. Her coat is silky to the touch and sheds very little.

Come meet Aqua at the North Vancouver Petsmart!

Aqua (adopted)'s adopted!

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