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3 Years 8 Months Old

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Ashley is a sweet cat who actually prefers people to other cats- although she is great buddies with her pal Tinker Bell, she is more focused on her human. She's always watching what you’re up to, and comes for petting anytime you call her. She'll flop over on her belly for belly rubs when she’s happy, and will sit and watch any nature shows on TV with great interest.

Ashley is a bit shyer than Tinker Bell, but very playful. Her favorite toys include a stuffed triangle toy,  the wand toy, and the laser pointer. She's quite the devoted bird watcher, and can often be found gazing out the window at them. She often observes what Tinker Bell does and works her way up to that behavior. Her trust had to be earned, as is the case with most formerly feral cats, but once it was she quickly warmed up to her foster family. If she’s in another room and you talk to her in a coaxing way, she’ll come right to you and want pets. She's very responsive to voice in general, which makes it very easy to guide her actions. Come meet her and see what you think!

Must adopt with Tinker Bell

OK with kids and other cats


Mollie was Ashley (2018)'s adopted!

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