Bart (2017...

3 Years 1 Month Old

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Have you always dreamed of a cat who you can pick up and hug, burying your face in his thick, soft fur? Then Bart is your dream come true! This gentle giant appreciates your affection, and will reciprocate by climbing into your lap, playfully headbutting you and sleeping next to you at night.

Bart enjoys meeting new people, and despite being a generally sociable cat he doesn't mind alone time either. When you're home though, he prefers to sprawl on or near you. He's a fan of treats, string toys, and chin rubs, but is intimidated by loud noises. Bart's dream home would include a place to perch on, a soft bed, and some people to cuddle. Don't you want to bring this bundle of love home?

Bart (2017 Alumnus)'s adopted!

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