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Beamer is Mr. April in the 2017 VOKRA calendar! That isn't this little guys only claim to fame- he also has amazing powers to lift your spirits, bring love and light to your day, and generally be an inspiration. He is a little piece of magic, this kitty. He has very limited sight (basically only bright light in darkness is recognizable for him) and limited hearing (he can hear a clicker, loud kissing noises etc, but not very consistently). He is also experiencing some mobility challenges, due to spinal abnormalities, which basically looks like a long languishing swagger as he walks.

Even though he has these physical challenges it doesn't phase him one bit! He moves through his day with ease, finds the litter box (yup, that's a stellar sense of smell!), plays with toys on his fancy toy mat, climbs stairs to get to the bed or ottoman where his foster brother sits, and comes to you for pets. Having Beamer in the house has helped keep it clean and tidy, as furniture and objects on the floor need to be in a consistent position to help him memorize and learn the space.

Beamer currently lives with two other cats and ideally should have a human at home with him most of the time or a kitty or two he could connect with. He will adjust very well to new space if given time to explore slowly; he's learned all the ins and outs of a 675 sq ft one bedroom apartment over the last few months. If you want the company and love of a true sweetheart, consider adopting him- you'll always have a special sunbeam in your life!

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