Bob (2017)

3 Years 6 Months Old

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Meet Bob! This guy is shy at first when meeting new people, but warms up quickly. Soon you'll find that he's very sociable and loves human interaction. When you arrive home, he'll always greet you at the door, meowing and headbutting you until you pet him (and feed him!). He's not much of a lap cat, but he loves being near his human, always coming up to sit or nap next to you on the couch. If you’re up and about, you can guarantee he will always be watching you to make sure he knows where you are. And if you disappear for too long, he’ll even come looking and calling out for you!

Bob is a pretty calm cat, but he still enjoys playtime here and there, his favorite toy being the cat wand. He's very interested in moving objects, and not so much stationary toys. As a Manx kitty, he is missing the full length of his tail, but he's just as cute, if not more! However, he does have a restricted diet and requires some supplements with his meals, as his digestion system needs a small helping hand. Being a Manx cat, he's susceptible to a condition known as megacolon, essentially lacking the muscles to properly eliminate waste, increasing constipation possibilities. However, this is all resolved by the supplements he takes mixed into his food. Bob is looking for someone who will understand him and his needs. In return you will have a fantastic companion for life!

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