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6 Years Old

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Abbott and Augusten are two beautiful, pure white brothers, who are sweet natured and affectionate - in spite of a rough start in this world. They were feral, caught at 2 months of age and have been in foster for 7 months. They turned 1 year old at the end of April. They have made huge gains in confidence, and are not the frightened little guys that arrived some months ago. However, it takes a while for them to trust strangers, and as a result, they do not show well during a 30 minute viewing. These little guys crave human interaction - in contrast to what you might think upon first meeting them. They will require a little extra time and patience to gain trust in a new caregiver, but it will happen. These boys will blossom once again in their new home.

Abbott loves to bat his small soccer ball around the kitchen, enticing his brother, foster-brothers and foster to join in. The game can get pretty wild and competitive. He is also a perfect little gentleman. If you are seated, he will sit patiently at your feet waiting for an invitation to jump onto your lap and purr up a storm. Abbott enjoys reading, well actually he enjoys laying in the book that you're reading. And, if you like to cuddle, Abbott is always the first to curl up next to you and flip over for a tummy rub.

Augusten can be a little dare devil and the first to try new things. He loves white mice - preferably marinated overnight in catnip, thank you very much. He loves the adoration he gets when he retrieves. He likes being told how smart he is. And he's not shy about dropping a mouse in your lap when he's ready for some action. Augusten is the chatty one and loves to sit atop the fridge and watch his foster cook and clean, just to make sure he's doing it right.

These brothers are closely bonded and must be adopted together. Both are in excellent health, UTD on shots and have no hearing problems. Clipping nails & brushing teeth are no hassle, once you have their trust. They will even lay on their backs for these procedures, as it's the only way their foster can see what he's doing. They're so accommodating.

ABBOTT and AUGUSTEN aren't high maintenance. They don't require more than the basics - a quiet, stable home with loving people. What they do need is someone special to take that initial "leap of faith" with them. These sweet boys deserve a good home and will reward you with years of
love, laughter & affection. You are welcome to come and spend time with them, and to visit more than once, the objective being to build confidence - yours and theirs. Are you that special someone? - we know you're out there.

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