2 Years 4 Months Old - Vancouver

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Junoe is a stunning and very affectionate cat. Barely out of kittenhood herself, she was pregnant when she came to VOKRA and was soon a mom to three beautiful babies. While she's taken well to motherhood, she would very much like to remind you that she is still a baby too, and she loves to be cuddled and held in your arms. She can be quite chatty about it if you're not giving her the love she deserves!

Now that her babies aren't quite so reliant on her, Junoe is turning back into a sweet, playful cat. She loves to hunt her toy mice and climb her scratching post. Parents aren't supposed to admit to having favourites, but it's pretty clear that Junoe's fave is her middle son, Pepperjack. The two of them can often be found snuggled up together and happily grooming each other.

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