2 Years 6 Months Old - Vancouver

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Max is a very sweet and gentle cat who needs a lot of love. He was bullied by another cat before being placed into foster care, so he is very shy and timid. When he’s scared he will run and hide, but never scratch or bite. It will take him some time to become comfortable in a new space. When Max arrived at his foster home he was nervous, hesitant and a little curious, but is getting more comfortable each day.

Max is looking for someone who is gentle and patient to help bring him out of his shell. He loves to chase bugs and watch youtube videos. He likes to sleep during the day and explore in the evenings, and his favourite thing to do is look out the window. He loves being pet on the head as long as you move slowly on your approach. Once there, he’ll let you stay as long as you’d like. He will take a little while to acclimatize to his new home, but once he’s gained confidence he fits right in. See videos of him here: video 1, video 2, video 3, video 4, video 5



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