1 Year 3 Months Old - New Westminster

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Chloe is a sweet, loving girl who is very quiet and easygoing. Despite being barely out of kitten-hood herself, she has been an unbelievable mother to her four kittens, one of whom she's looking for a home with. She's just starting to learn how to play again, and boy does she love it! She could play with a little wand or pingpong ball forever, but only if you start it. See videos of her here: video 1, video 2, video 3.

For the most part, Chloe is very content to entertain herself. Although she may never be the kind of kitty to come sit on your lap, she loves snuggling up to your legs when you sleep, and will always greet you when you get home. She loves her pets and is very caring, always coming to check up on you and see what you’re doing. Now that they’re big enough, she absolutely loves wrestling with her kittens, but always gently and alway letting them win. Come see if Chloe and her kitten Wilbur would be a good fit for you! 

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