7 Years Old

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Martin (or “Marty”) is slim, sleek and pure black with a tiny spot of white on his chest. He is a lovely boy and has a very dynamic personality. He is a little shy around new people, but he quickly becomes more and more outgoing around strangers. He is very active and curious and loves to perch atop the highest shelf or cupboard available and watch the action below with his wide golden eyes. Once something catches his interest, he will jump down, boldly hop in your lap and nuzzle your face purring loudly. He is very affectionate and loves to be cuddled - until he gets distracted - and will rub past your legs trying to get your attention. His mood will switch between being loving, playful, and mysterious so you’ll never be bored with this cat in your house. He is very funny and will leap in the air while he plays with his toys.

Martin can be a little picky about food flavours, but is eating regularly now. He is so curious that you will need to "kitten proof" anything he could knock over while he explores his new home. Martin is a bonded pair with Zoey and they must be adopted together, but they couldn't be more different. The two of them love each other, but because they're so different, they sometimes bicker like an old married couple. He will invite her to play by jumping on her while she's sleeping, and she'll answer with a hiss and a swat. She'll try to steal his food while he's distracted, and he'll meow loudly until she stops. Overall, they are very well behaved adults and we have had no trouble with any furniture scratching or accidental wettings. They are a great pair and will transition nicely into their new forever home.

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