Clarke [wa...

1 Year 10 Months Old

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Miss Clarke is really good company, and is without a doubt the type of cat you're going to want to have around! She's a bit nervous at first when meeting new people, but will warm up to you quickly with a scratch under the chin or a pat on the head. After a few minutes she will show you her belly, requesting a belly rub, all the while purring loudly. Once comfortable in her new home she is incredibly affectionate, and will happily sit in your lap and press her face against you as you give her a pet. To get your attention she will rub up against your leg or meow, but if you have work to get done she will sit patiently by until you're ready to show her some love.

Miss Clarke is quite independent, and keeps herself happy by exploring the house and pouncing on her toys. On her down time, she sits by the window watching the wonders of the outside world. All in all, she is just plain cool, and will return every bit of love you show to her!

Clarke [was Miss Clarke (2017)]'s adopted!

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