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1 Year 1 Month Old

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Minnow is looking for a new human friend to rub her soft little belly! She has the loudest purr in the kingdom of kitties, and isn’t afraid to show just how much she loves having snuggle times with her sister and her human friends. A very playful kitty, she's also incredibly adaptable to new environments and very comfortable with human friends picking her up. Her favourite pastime is chasing things around the room, especially her sister’s little tail or her humans’ toes!

Naturally, Minnow has lots of energy for playing, but she enjoys downtime snuggles and long naps on bellies just as much! Her best buddy is her sister, Paco, but she enjoys the company of other cats too. If you’d like to be Minnow’s new human friend, let us know! There's no better sound than hearing her roar of a purr, and Minnow is a perfect little friend to come home to!

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