5 Years Old

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Tiny Constance is just about the sweetest little darling ever. She had a pretty rough start, didn't want to eat, low energy and was about 5 weeks behind in developement compared to her sister.

But in the few weeks, an excellent vitamin and homeopathic regime, combined with a blending of foods has brought our little girl around. She's put on weight, and though still small for her age, is joining in on playing, chasing, and climbing and even taking on big brother Legolas, who is easily twice her size.

Because of such and abundance of handling while she was unwell, Constance is a dedicated cuddler. She likes to sit on your shoulder and sleep cozied up under your chin. Her best friend is her sister Shiloh; they sleep tangled up in one another and will gang up on Legolas when he's feeling particularly naughty. Constance must be adopted with Shiloh.

Constance's adopted!

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