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5 Years Old

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Jack is a handsome kitty with a white star on his chest. When you scratch his back at the base of his tail he does this cute thing where he stretches out and flops over. He loves to carry his fuzzy toy in his mouth and squeak! Actually, he doesn’t ever really meow… he just squeaks! Jack loves to play. He has made up his own game where he drops a bouncy ball at the top of the stairs and runs after it!! Picks it up again and repeats this over and over

JACK and AUSTIN are sweet brothers who just adore each other so they must be adopted together. They cuddle together, give each other kisses and play together. Their favorite toy is a fuzzy ball that they are fascinated with for hours. They love to chase each other around the house too.

They are both goofy yet gentle souls and are still very kitten-like. They are perfect low-maintenance cats — well behaved, quiet, mischief-free and tidy. They would be happiest in a calm quiet home and would even be fine if you are away during the day. But when you are home they will make sure you are playing, petting or just hanging out in the same room.

They need an understanding owner who will be patient at first since they are nervous in new environments. It has been so rewarding watching them turn into happy, silly, loving kitties. They were found on the streets as kittens with their sister who has since been adopted.

Jack and Austin deserve a loving forever home and have been patiently waiting. Are you the one who these boys have been waiting for?

They get along with other cats. Not sure about dogs but probably if it is gentle. No kids as they would prefer a calm environment.

Watch VIDEO of Jack playing… http://youtu.be/jLoR9W9tSfU
Watch VIDEO of J&A playing together… http://youtu.be/LmNCAboSXE8

Jack (adopted)'s adopted!

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