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6 Years Old

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Cucho is a very social little kitten. He is a light gray with dilute tabby markings. Cucho would be content to hang around in your arms all day long. When he wants to be held, he comes to sit on your feet and meow's until he is picked up. Cucho loves to play as well, especially with his squishy ball toys. Cucho is very personable, very loving, always following us around, jumping from sofa to sofa to get closer to a warm human body. Cucho makes cute little chirping sounds when he gets excited, and is an exceptionally good communicator with the humans- we always know when we wants to be held, fed, or played with. Cucho would be a delightful kitten for children. He would like to be adopted with one of his siblings


Wilbur (adopted) ...was Cucho's adopted!

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