5 Years Old

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Are you looking for a fun, friendly feline familiar? You might just be in luck! Danika is the slinky, stealthy jet-black charmer of any witch or wizard’s dreams. Guaranteed to bewitch all she meets, her interests include sacrificial toy mice, ritual sleeping, and your undying adoration. Dani is a fully competent litter box user, an enthusiastic but tidy eater and very affectionate when the mood strikes her. She’s adjusting well to life on the inside after spending months as a wayward stray – she is happiest to be pet in her bedroom (our office), and will periodically come to fetch us and lead us back there. She even purrs when we pick her up!

Danika is starting to come for pets on the couch or bed, too. She is gentle; if startled, she slinks back to her room to hide out, and recovers quickly when she realizes things are A-OK. Rumor has it she was a fierce hunter in her wild young days. She likes to watch tennis, probably because she thinks she’s hunting tiny humans (the close-ups of shoes scare her), she forgets all of her grace when she’s playing, and her meow is the tiniest squeak we’ve ever heard. In short: she’s hilarious. Did we mention she’s pretty? She is very, very pretty. If you’re after enchantment, don’t delay – this is the cat for you.

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