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7 Years Old

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Darla is a tiny cat who will charm her way into your lap... And then right into your heart. This very affectionate girl has bright amber eyes, soft black fur, and loves cuddling and playing. She is a meticulous groomer, and doesn't shed very much; she would be a great choice for adopters who are worried about cleaning cat hair off of furniture.

While Darla is very friendly (she will approach people immediately, and is comfortable with strangers), her playful nature sometimes gets the best of her -- she may give you a little nip or claw during petting if she is feeling energetic. She loves getting stroked behind the ears and under the chin, and unlike some cats, seems to be equally affectionate with all members of the household.

Darla is currently on a raw beef diet, which is easily thawed and served twice daily. This diet has the added bonus of making litter cleanup very easy! Darla uses clumping litter rather than pine pellets.

Finally, it is best if Darla is the only cat in the house -- she is much happier with human companionship than feline companionship. Likely best if no small children.


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