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7 Years Old

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Mighty Mouse is an exceptionally special little girl. She is a miniature kitten, the runt of the litter and has always been less than half the size of her siblings. She’s an angelic creature with a light grey, short-haired tabby coat and unique body proportions that enhance her cool alien image. She has tiny limbs but her ears are quite large for her frame. Do not be fooled by her appearance, she can motor along very quickly and spring quite far very suddenly. She is super gentle and LOVES people. She wasn’t as strong as her siblings when nursing and was often pushed out of the way. She was bottle fed in order to supplement her diet so she developed a strong bond with humans and craves human attention. She is not afraid of heights and prefers to sit on your shoulder. She’s a phenomenal climber, was one of the first to litter train and loves her solid food. She is growing stronger and more playful every day. She does gravitate toward humans for play interaction since it’s too difficult for her to play with her siblings when they are so much bigger, stronger and rougher. She LOVES her litter mates and momma,DEMELSA and is always cuddled next to a buddy at nap time. Mighty Mouse should be adopted with Demelsa as she needs a patient play partner and her mother provides her with the kind of security and comfort that will enable her to thrive in her new home.


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