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1 Year 2 Months Old

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Nugget is quite something! As soon as this confident kitty sees you approach, he starts to purr and runs to your feet. He loves cuddling, and kneads on you until he falls asleep. When he’s not sleeping, he’s flying around room, leaping and jumping, trying to catch every moving thing in sight. He may be tiny, but he loves to climb and his size won’t stop him from climbing up as high as he can go.

Nugget puts on a very extravagant show, and he will get you laughing immediately. He loves his siblings, but he is equally happy to hang out with humans and would do well in a lively household with other pets to play with. If you love long struts around the room, watching the sunset from your scratching post, and eating until you are stuffed, Nugget is the kitty for you!

Must adopt as a buddy to another cat

OK with kids


Nugget (2017 alumnus)'s adopted!

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