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3 Years 6 Months Old

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Ebony is a chatty girl who will cheerfully welcome you home after a day at work. She's got a soft little purr reserved for cuddling up at night or nap time, and she's not shy about wanting attention! She'll rub her whiskers against your cheek and butt her head against you, all purrs and sweet chirps. She's completely uninhibited and totally comfortable almost immediately, and will probably stake out a few favourite spots right away.

Ebony likes to nap in the dark corners of a closet and watch the world go by on the windowsill. She often sneaks underneath blankets and cozies up for a snooze! She doesn't mind being gently handled and trimming her nails is a breeze, but being picked up isn't her favourite thing. As a young cat, she's got lots of energy and needs adequate stimulation, perhaps in the form of another cat (she's remarkably easygoing!) or an enthusiastic play partner. Since she's a curious climber, a cat tower and suitable scratch posts would help create her ideal environment.

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