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14 Years Old

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Duke is a wonderful, "snow-white" kitty. Not only is he gentle but he is very affectionate especially to his main caregiver. Although he does take a few days to adjust, it is totally worth the wait as he loves chin rubs and will head butt you gently to show affection. He will also stand on his hind legs and rub against you happily.

His lovely fur is not marked and is pure white all around. He has a very big and strong build and his lovely tail is almost as long as his torso! With a pointed and structured face he is truly a regal looking shortfur.

Duke is curious and will sniff around to get to know your home, easy to discipline, simply go towards him if he is doing something you dislike and he will get the point. This is a very good cat for someone living alone and wanting a feline companion.

Please give this deserving and lovely cat a chance at a forever home. Kindly note Duke is a ladie's man and prefers females!

Duke--- aka Snowflake (adopted)'s adopted!

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