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9 Years Old

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Ella was named for her "L" shaped tail, something she was likely born with, as she had a "mini-me" kitten with the same one! It doesn't seem to bother her in the least, and she still carries it as high as she can. She has a sweet personality and adjusts to new situations very readily. She is very good with her litterbox habits, and will transition easily among types of litter. She does prefer to have privacy and likes to have a box in a low traffic area (can you blame her?).

Ella is very young, but is known to have had previous litters. Her most recent litter includes JAQUES, PIERRE and JEAN LUKE. She was likely once a pet, as she is very well socialized, but then was lost or abandoned without being spayed. Her poor body needs a break from all the rearing, and she needs to put some meat on her bones under all that beautiful, glossy black fur. She likes to be cuddled and absolutely melts when you massage the skin of her neck scruff. She has a sweet, high-pitched, double meow-ow, as well as a range of other miscellaneous vocalizations, and she stares intently into your eyes and WILLS you to understand what she is saying (ususally something like "may I please have a treat?). Very polite, this one.

Small kids ok, dogs ok, cats ok.

Ella (adopted)'s adopted!

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