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5 Years Old

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Adira is a beautiful and very smart kitten and she is maturing quickly. She is bonded with her sister Piggy and they must be adopted as a pair. Adira's energy can be a little crazy which is hilarious to watch and she is curious but cautious and is skittish around lound noises and new people. While she plays well by herself and with her sister, she most enjoys playing with her humans. She definitely feels more secure when her people are close and she will snuggle up and try to suckle you from time to time which is a habit we are gently trying to discourage. Piggy and Adira require people who will be around a lot and like to play with them.

Someone working from home would be ideal. She and her sister like to chase each other and run and climb so having good space for them to stretch their legs and some vertical climbing toys would be important to make sure they don't scratch furniture or climb curtains. These special girls were exposed to distemper but did not become ill and tested negative in late August for antibodies. They were also born with ringworm and their treatments meant a delay in putting them up for adoption but they are just fine now. Piggy and Adira are true warrior princesses and deserve an exceptional home with stability and a lifetime of love.

Xena was Adira's adopted!

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