7 Years Old - vancouver

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Toby is a sweet, gentle, affectionate kitty. He'll press his little wet nose against you, and then shower you with head rubs and a loud purr. He has such an incredible amount of love to give, and just wants to be near his human at all times. He loves to play, and will tear up and down the apartment energetically making up all sorts of games, which is great fun to watch.

Toby will make an amazing, loyal companion. However, he has a deep rooted fear of men. He is very quick to trust women and will be perched on a female friend's lap within the hour purring away. While he has continued to make progress with men, it would be best for him to be adopted into a household with only women (except for guests and friends). He is fine with other cats, but will push them out the way if necessary to be closer to his human. 

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