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14 Years Old

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George was a rescue kitten in Alberta who was found on his own at a younger age than he should have been. He was brought back to health, neutered and given his shots and an ear tattoo. He then found his way into our home and hearts, where he lived with our other feline friend at the time (an older cat named Persia). George is nearly all-black with a stocky body, a nicely shaped face and a long straight tail. He has a little white ascot right in the middle of his chest. He's at a great age where he's done with his kitten and young adult antics but is still playful and curious. He loves to cuddle up on laps and will sleep next to your legs for hours if you let him. He loves his belly rubbed and will loll about while being pet. He's a vocal cat when interacting with you. He doesn't meow much spontaneously while on his own about the house, but when being pet or playing he often becomes quite talkative. 

We recently discovered that George loves to do yoga, and will 'practice' along beside me while I do it in the house. It's quite incredible as at times he'll mimic the postures I'm doing. He gets along great with his new foster brother Manny and adapts well to new cats. He has had many different buddies over the past few months, and he always bonds with them quickly. I don't think he would be good alone, as he cries at night when he doesn't have another cat around. George would like to be adopted with MANNY but can also be adopted on his own.

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