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9 Years Old

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Gracie and Edith were rescued with their three sisters and spent a few months in intensive foster care. They’re still small for their age. More kittenhood for you!

Gracie (more white) was initially shy but she’s really coming out of her shell. She’ll be in the litterbox and start purring if she notices you’re in the same room. When she’s excited to see you, she’ll arch her back, close her eyes and do a little dance on her back tippy-toes like she’s drunk with love. She enjoys eating yoghurt and taking a snooze in your armpit.

Edith (more grey) is very friendly. She’ll follow you around and mew back when you talk to her. When you pick her up, she’ll purr and sometimes nuzzle your neck. She likes to flop out on your lap like she owns it. Then she’ll roll around and let you pet her soft, silky belly – not many cats are trusting enough to do that. She’s a born caretaker; it’s a delight watching her lick and hug her sister.

Since these girls are so affectionate with each other, we’re hoping they’re adopted together. They’re good with older kids, and Edith is curious about other animals but Gracie might need some time to adjust if you already have a dog or cat.

Gracie (adopted)'s adopted!

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