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2 Years 4 Months Old

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Dolores is a simple country girl living it up in the big city! Although she comes from rustic, humble beginnings on Bowen Island, she is a house cat at heart. She warmed immediately to the luxuries of indoor living, be it romping through piles of clean laundry, lolling on the sofa, swan-diving into laps for enthusiastic cuddles, or endlessly hunting the little red dot. Clearly a girl could get used to this!

At heart, Dolores retains her down-home charm and easygoing attitude. As long as she is not thrown headlong into new laps and experiences, she's always eager to play and please, quick to purr, and very fond of affection. This cuddly personality fits perfectly with her sister Ruth’s playful and exploring nature, and the two of them must be adopted together. If you think you can support Dolores in the manner to which she has become accustomed, come and meet her! Watch videos of the two sisters here.

Must adopt with Ruth


Dolores (2018 Alumnus)'s adopted!

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