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2 Years 2 Months Old

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Stiletto is a petite little lady with a unique attribute that makes her extra special- she only has three feet! In the few months that she's been fostered, she's gone through an incredible transformation that's made her foster family so proud of the progress she's made. Learning to read her cute little quirks, like how she nods her head when she's ready for you to pet her, makes being around her so rewarding. She especially enjoys being scratched under her chin in the spot that she can't reach because of her missing foot.

Although Stiletto is still shy, she's very curious about people and chooses to sit near her foster parents and follow them around. She's also become quite playful and energetic, and she loves chasing her son Flip Flop around the apartment. She's defiantly still a kitten at heart, and together they both go crazy over a laser pointer! Stiletto is still learning to trust people, so it's important that whoever adopts her has a heart full of patience and is willing to slowly build a bond with this sweet girl. She's looking for a calm, quiet forever home with Flip Flop where she can relax and continue to grow her confidence.

Must adopt with Flip Flop

STEVIE 21363 (was Stiletto) 2017 Alumnus's adopted!

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