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7 Years Old

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Duke was formerly Storm but he has such a regal air to him, and our street name is Duke, so, for the time being, he'll be called Duke, haha (: I'm not too sure about how he'd do with other animals. I don't think he'd be suitable for younger kids until he learns not to bite and claw, and he may give older kitties a headache. We don't have any other kitties at home, so we can't say for sure.

Duke's a pretty grey tabby with gorgeous yellow eyes, and his occupation? Full time sweetheart. He absolutely loves people, following you at your heels like a little dog. He'll meow softly if he wants attention, but if you're busy, he'll play by himself with his toys. Duke just purrs like a motorboat during pets, sprawling out and showing you his pretty spotted belly. Whenever he sits, he looks princely and regal, hence his name.

He loves to be rubbed near his head, but is a bit testy about being petted on the sides. Duke's tolerant of being picked up and doesn't bite or scratch, but he prefers to come for attention at his own leisure. He's not a lap cat, per say, and to see him in the same place for more than three minutes is a miracle in itself. He's very good about clipping his nails and does use his scratching post and litter box fine.

Duke's still learning what's okay and what's not, such as jumping on counters and occasionally nipping people, but he's quickly learning and behaving himself like the (youthful) gentleman he is. He'd be great for a younger couple who would enjoy a cat who can make them laugh. He's an active kitty who needs a stern owner, but is a wonderful kitty once he knows his boundaries and rules. Duke doesn't like being alone and loves being with people, so a person who'd be home to take care of him would be greatly appreciated by this wonderful kitty.

Open your hearts and your home to this sweet, loving kitty, and come home to purrs and affection each day! 

Duke (adopted)'s adopted!

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