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2 Years 11 Months Old

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Mrs. Fitz is an easygoing, relaxed kitty who loves to be brushed and have her belly rubbed and chin scratched. But she’s a lady first and foremost, and must get to know you first before she is comfortable accepting all your adoration! Though a bit nervous when first meeting new people, she will warm up quickly with a soft scratch under her chin or a gentle stroke on her head. If she feels safe with you, she will even topple over to show you her belly, requesting a belly rub, all the while purring loudly. Mrs. Fitz is quite an independent cat who is happy exploring the house or just lounging around and snuggling up to her only child, Dugan. They are very attached to each other, and therefore must be adopted together.

Must be adopted with Dugan

Abby (was Mrs. Fitz) 2017 Alumnus's adopted!

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