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6 Years Old

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Jamie is a GREAT cat especially considering that she lived on the street fending for herself with no one to care for her. She came to us pregnant with only one kitten that didn't make it, causing a uterine infection that resulted in emergency surgery to save her life. Despite her past difficulties, she loves to be around people all the time- she is in whatever room the humans are in all the time. She likes to help with office work, and is the cutest paper-weight! She will also quickly jump in your office chair to keep it warm when you get up. She curls up on the end of the bed, and sleeps there all night. She doesn't run around your head or wake you up, she is just happy being with you.

Jamie is getting used to being pet around the head, and is learning that cheek scratches feel sooooooo good. Being that she had to scrounge for food to live she loves to eat...any food that is out is fair game to her, so monitoring her food intake is imperative. She has learned to play with cat toys, and empty toilet paper rolls are pretty fun especially if there is a little tp still left on it. She is learning to not pick at the carpet, and does pretty well for nail trims, a little bit at at time. She is also learning to stay off counters and tables - a work in progress but she seems to be getting it. Jamie is a cool cucumber around other cats and dogs - not much worries this little one. She is totally fine with well mannered, respectful kids also. She talks if she can't find you, until you call her name and then she comes running- especially if you have food! She likes to sit in front of the window and watch the world, as long as you are in the room of course. Jamie really is the ideal cat!  


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