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4 Years 10 Months Old

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Belle is a very sweet, friendly, and adorable cat. She is immediately comfortable around people and, once she gets to know you better, likes being held and cuddled. If you scratch the sides of her face and ears, she purrs like a lawnmower! Belle has lots and lots of energy. She absolutely loves chasing laser beams, toy mice, ribbons, and pretty much anything small that she can construe as a toy. She is a great jumper and is very fun to watch. She can definitely be a little mischievous, constantly seeking new toys and adventures, so make sure to play with her lots!

Belle is also a very talkative cat, with a funny little meow. She loves being around people and is very sociable. She likes sitting with or near you, or coming up for some attention every once in a while. She prefers sleeping on the foot of your bed and does not like being left alone at night. She really seems to bond with the people she knows and is very loving. Belle is a wonderful cat who deserves a wonderful home!

OK with kids


Crowley (was Belle)'s adopted!

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