7 Years Old

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Bamboo is a sweet, easy going cat who was found with her kittens in a backyard in vancouver. When we trapped her she was frightened and stressed from keeping her kittens fed and safe but she soon warmed up. Now that her kittens are all placed, we would love to find a happy home for mom. She is likely best in a home on her own but might be ok with a friendly male cat.

This from the home that wanted to adopt her:

Bamboo is one of the sweetest cats I have ever met. The first night was a very exciting night.  We learned Bamboo can jump very high, high enough to get the food on the top shelf of our closet.  We thought we caught her in the act, but she had taken a bag of treats and buried them in her blanket for later. She wolfed down anything we put in front of her, and when she was done would search for more food…very much a stray. She kept trying (and succeeding) to steal our cats food, but after a few times of being caught in the act, she stopped. In fact, she listens extremely well.  After the second night it was clear she was a runaway, or something of that nature, but definitely not feral, because when she realized we were her friends (the feeders,) it was like she was a different cat. So friendly, so chatty, just wants to be around you all the time, and warms up to strangers in minutes. Loves to give head-butts and then turn onto her back for tummy rubs, and will tell you when she’s had enough with a gentle tap of her paw, and never with claws!  She really likes to play with balls and string and LOVES to scratch the scratching post. Once she realized she had a set feeding schedule, she stopped wolfing everything down and would save some for later, but she does eat a lot, and will tell you if you’re late with her food, especially breakfast, but how could you be mad being woken up by gentle head-butts from the cutest cat ever? She really likes to watch the birds and squirrels outside, chatters at them, and sleeps on the bed with us whether we want her to or not!  Unfortunately, Bamboo has gotten very dominant over our cat.  At first, she was scared of her, but when she stood up to her and our cat ran away, she realized “ok, I’m gonna tell YOU what to do now!”  I think Bamboo would do great in a home with no other cats, but if she was paired with the right cat, I think that would work out great too. She was very curious at first about Lucy (our cat,) but they just couldn’t make peace. She really liked my sister’s dog (small terrier mix) when he came over to visit.  Not going up to him too close, but following him around and very interested in what he was doing.  All in all, Bamboo is great cat and we really don’t want to let her go.  Anyone would be lucky to have her and she is going to make someone very happy.

If she were to go to a home with another cat it should be a male. Sounds like she would do well with a cat friendly dog as well. 

Bamboo's adopted!

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