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9 Years Old

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Jocelyn is a stunning, healthy, athletic tortoiseshell with brilliant green eyes. While she’s wary of new people and places, her silky fur and wonderfully resonant purr are well worth the wait. Her fine shiny fur gets noticeably silkier when stroked. She has an almost silent meow - just a whisper even when earnestly asking for food or attention. The loudest noise she makes is a rainy-day bicycle-brake squeak (I live on a bike route, and it took me a while to realise it was her!). Her ears are like a chameleon’s eyes: independently swivelling satellite dishes picking up noises from every corner of her world. When focussed on prey, her eyes, ears, and whiskers all point to it and the fruit fly, toy mouse, or treat doesn’t stand a chance. She has the most graceful tail I’ve ever seen, an extra curve at its’ length’s end like a Fibonacci spiral, the same attenuating curve as in an opened ammonite.

She can jump from the floor to the top of my fridge without making a sound. As I write, she silently leaps from the desk in front of me straight up on to the top of my very high shelf - almost two metres up and only twenty centimetres forward. Gravity successfully escaped, she tucks her long slender body between two houseplants and stays with me while I type.

Despite her muscular length, grace, and beauty, Jocelyn is a kitten. Like all kittens, she needs plenty to eat, ample playtime, and lots of affection. She loves being stroked firmly, from the tip of her nose to the end of her tail, and will lift each vertebra separately into your hand along the way. She loves head and neck rubs, and chin and cheek scratches. She has a kitten’s energy, and runs so quickly with my neighbour’s visiting kitten that I can’t see how she ascends the ladder or ends up on the other side of substantial pieces of furniture.

Jocelyn has perfect litter etiquette, and an ideal digestion to go along with it. (Her perfect etiquette did initially, however, extend to houseplant soil. Smooth shiny rocks from the dollar store successfully protect my plants, and she loves to bat unneeded ones along the carpet. If we could teach her the rules, she’d be a champion curler.) She is a scratcher. She particularly loves a rough-hewn two-by-four that I’ve propped against a wall. I recommend many alternative scratching opportunities. If you are the lucky one who gets to take her home, I will give you her plank to help her feel at home.

She will do virtually anything for fresh, wild, hormone free salmon, turkey or chicken. She may even climb onto your lap to take it gently from your fingers long before you’ve otherwise established physical contact. Makes a good bribe and healthy taming tool.

Recently, and under the most perfect conditions only, she lets me kiss or nuzzle her strong silky side. The past few mornings, she has woken me by snuggling beside me on my pillow, gently pushing her head into mine until I stroked her back to sleep tucked under my chin. When she’s happy and relaxed, she looks at you with her gold-green eyes and blinks slowly to indicate her comfort and trust. I think that she will eventually be a lap cat, and she gives and needs so much affection already.

You are the kind of person who will be a calm, unhesitating presence. You’ll patiently persist until you and Jocelyn reap the rewards of the love-in stage you will ultimately reach with her.

Eliza (was Jocelyn)'s adopted!

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