Sam Meowl

5 Years Old - Coquitlam

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Sam Meowl is just about the sweetest cat there is. He is snuggly, smoochy, loves to cuddle, and loves to be pet. He is bold enough to approach strangers quite readily, and he is a total gentleman who would never swat or snap at anyone. He just loves being near you. Have a seat anywhere in your home, and before too long he will be curled up asleep in your lap, or if that's not available, pressed against your leg on the seat next to you.

Although he loves a good nap, Sam Meowl is also curious and attentive. He will often follow you around to keep an eye on what you're up to. His best buddy is Ophelia, who adores him, and they will often play chase together, or wrestle and play fight. See videos of them here: video 1video 2video 3video 4.

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