Queen B wa...

1 Year 8 Months Old

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I'm a very sweet and quiet kitty. I like to sleep on towels, in sinks, inside boxes, and on fluffy beds with my bestie, Purrpurr. Sometimes I'll pull my cat bed into the sink and squish myself into it there like some kind of bizarre cat taco. It's the best feeling, so cosy and safe. Before I came to my foster home, I was scared of people and didn't know how to trust them. I still have a bit of anxiety, and hide from loud noises and new things. Once I realize you're friendly, I'm very affectionate and love a good cheek or back scritch! Whenever I'm scared, PurrPurr comes and curls up with me to make me feel better because he's awesome like that.

Purrpurr and I were born on the streets, and had a bit of a rough kittenhood. I have tufted ears like a lynx and one of them is torn. I think it makes me look strong, like someone who has overcome. Despite my impressive warrior-like appearance, I tolerate my bestie's over-enthusiasm with quiet reserve. If you pet me and not him, he has a tendency to help you notice he is there too, which usually means climbing on top of me to be conveniently under wherever your hand is! I'm just looking for a little stability, emotional security, and a place to call home. I would like someone to curl up with at the end of the day, who can appreciate both PurrPurr's gregariousness and my shy vulnerability and enthusiasm.

Must adopt with Purrpurr

Queen B was Bea 2018 Alumnus's adopted!

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