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5 Years Old

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Nimbus is a total sweetheart who can't wait to climb up for some cuddles when you get home from work. This big cloud of fur isn't just about snuggling though! He's also super playful, and loves rolling around with catnip toys and chasing the elusive red laser dot. He loves his cardboard scratching post, and hanging out inside of boxes and the bathtub.

Nimbus is thrilled when meal time rolls around, and trips over himself with excitement when the treats come out. His love of treats comes in handy for grooming, as his gorgeous thick, soft fur does require regular brushing. He's happy to hang out on your stomach as you brush him out, as long as he gets a tasty treat after! While Nimbus needs to be the only cat in his new home, he is such a giant puffball of love and personality that he's all you'll need. He can't wait to find a window perch to call his own!

Roswell (aka Nimbus) (2018)'s adopted!

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