Lady (2019...

10 Years Old

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Lady is properly named- there is no doubt that she is a lady! She is dainty and delicate, and strolls around gingerly. You'll often find her perched on a window sill gazing longingly outside with her ladylike tail curled around her. She loves to be pet, and will happily prance towards you if you offer her a hand to nuzzle against. She loves to have snuggle sessions with you, and will expose her extremely fluffy belly so you can rub it. She's very content to stay like that, and even has the tendency to drool with happiness. When you're sitting down, she'll silently jump up next to you and wiggle around on her back trying to get comfortable and tempt you into rubbing her belly.

Sometimes when Lady wants your attention she will mew quietly and gently pat you on your arm. She is very polite! She's not shy when it comes to strangers, and sees them as an opportunity to get more petting time into her day. She's very friendly, well mannered and easy to take care of. Somedays she likes to find a nice cozy corner to tuck herself into, where she will sleep all day and barely make a sound. She also loves to chase the laser, and often plays with her toys before bedtime.

OK with kids

Lady (2019)'s adopted!

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