7 Years Old - Vancouver

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Hi, I'm Sylvie! I love petting people, and my favorite hobby is making biscuits. How do I make biscuits, you ask? I find any surface, be it either my bed or the floor, and knead away. Sometimes when I'm really relaxed and purring I even knead the air! Even though I receive lots of pets from my foster family, I give them far more pets than I receive, and that's because I love rubbing my face. I like waking up my foster family to get pets and food, but I only hop on their bed when I hear their alarm ringing!

I'm also a ferocious hunter of string and feathers. Another one of my favorite activities is soaking up sun at the window and watching people. I usually need some time until I adjust in a new home with a new family, but if you have patience and allow me time to get to know you, I'll open up in no time. I also like talking to my people, and my voice is quite special- I have a high-pitched and vibrato meow that's really soft and short. If you have patience with me, and prove that I can trust you, I'll make so many biscuits for you, pet you, and greet you with head bumping in the morning.

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